GongFuCha – Chinese Tea Ceremony

More than a traditional ceremony, it is an Art, a moment of tasting and conviviality.

Gongfu Cha (transcribed kung fu cha) which could be translated as “infusing tea with method and application”, or “tea time”, is a traditional method of preparing tea practiced in China and Taiwan.

This method is ideal for exploring the complex aromatic universe of different teas, it allows you to taste their subtle aromas while respecting a set of preparation rules, water temperature, precise infusion time, depending on whether it is green. , red or white, served in small refined ceramic or porcelain cups.

The teapot, of small capacity, allows you to make rapid and successive infusions in order to discover quite different aromatic notes of tea as the infusions progress.

The same tea can be infused more than ten times, the infusion, the time of which will vary, then giving different scents.

As a general rule, steeping too much makes the taste too strong or even bitter, and the first few brews should be shorter than the last as the tea leaves will take longer to brew.

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